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Dr. Sketchy’s: Steampunk Romantique

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Dr. Sketchy’s- Asheville pays a tribute Steampunk on March 26th from 7:30-10:30 @ Hookah Joes:

Imagine a romantic collision of the steam driven Victorian era and modern day technology.  A subtle embrace between the two would have propelled the course of history, and there is no end to what we could have accomplished. 

Step inside the dimly lit hookah lounge with your art supplies, and imagine yourself living in a time of gas lamps, Victorian corsets tightly cinched over flowing petticoats, and artists just discovering photography.  Imagine not only steam engines but steam driven clocks, computers, vehicles, and gadgets.  Take inspiration from an alternate historical path as you sketch the saucy hips of our model DeLacey “heartbreaker” Santini.  The half-time show is a romantic Steampunk accordion solo by Valerie of Hellblinki sextet