April’s Sexy Sponsors & Affiliates!

The official Dr. Sketchy’s graphics babe responsible for the hot hot monthly posters for our viewing pleasure.  Thanks Devon!

“…a non-profit social service organization devoted to promoting the role of the arts as an integral part of our culture by serving the entire community through arts outreach, bringing the arts to those in need of the healing power of art, supporting the careers of artists, and through community cultural development.”- Arts2People


“The Pleasure Saucer brings the truth of the Reverend Johnny Lemuria to the benighted wilderness of Western North Carolina. News and interviews on underground art, sex, radical politics, erotica, anarchism, fetishes, the Church of the Subgenius, tantric ecstasy, the Cult of Discordia, sensual explorations, and Moorish Orthodoxy.” The Reverand is also working on a delightful show reel for Dr. Sketchy, stay tuned to get a glimpse of the genius at work!


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